If you've been looking for a place for your students to play sports, you're in the right place! Brevard Heat is the leading homeschool athletic program in Brevard County. From swimming to volleyball and basketball, we offer excellent athletic teams in a fun, Christ-centered atmosphere. Ready to begin? To enroll your student, fill out the forms below.

New Players

We're glad you're here! Below you will find all of the forms required for your student to participate as a Brevard HEAT Athlete. We have included a handy check list to help you keep it all straight. If you have questions, check out our FAQ page, and if you still need help, please send us an email at brevardheat@gmail.com It seems like a lot, well, it really is a lot of paperwork, but hang in there! A great season awaits your student!





Checklist: Here is a checklist that will help you navigate all of the paperwork you will need to complete as a NEW player.



HEAT Family Registration Form: only one Family Registration Form is due per family. Please note there is an $85/Family Registration Fee due at the time of registration.



HEAT Individual Registration Form: one Individual Registration Form must be completed for each athlete in a family. On this form you will see that we now have a sibling discount for each additional athlete from your family for sports within the Fall or Spring season.


Medical Release This form needs to be notarized. Only one parent needs to sign.



HEAT Student Conduct Form We strive to bring out the best in our athletes.



HEAT Parent Conduct Form We love our HEAT families and the support that they give to our coaches and athletes.



EL2 Physical Sports physicals can be done at your doctor’s office, walk in clinics, and some chiropractors offices.





EL7 (This form needs to be notarized.)



EL7V  Fill in the top half of the form and bring it in with the rest of the paperwork. We’ll mail it in the school board for you.



EL9 Progress Report (6th-9th both semesters, 10th-12th second semester only.)



GA4 Compliance on Recruitment: this form must be notarized.



Birth Certificate: it does not need to be a certified copy.



Safety Videos: Please turn in the certificates that you can print at the end of the following videos. These certificates must be turned in before an athlete can participate in any Brevard HEAT sport!

Concussion in Sports Video

Cardiac Arrest Video

Heat Illness Prevention Video