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Are the teams competitive?

Yes, all of the teams are competitive. The best players will get more time on the court, track, or course. We do welcome new players to join the teams and learn the game. We love to teach our sports to all skill levels.

Does all the paperwork need to be completed before tryouts?

Yes, all paperwork needs to be turned in before your athlete is allowed to tryout and play. This includes a current sports physical, the video certificates, and the EL7V. Forms are found on our website.

How long does a season typically last?

Regular seasons last approximately 12 weeks. Varsity continues into the post season for districts and regionals.

I homeschool and do not assign grades. What do I put on the EL7 and EL9?

Grades are required to show academic eligibility.  Athletes need to maintain a 2.0 grade point average or higher.  We trust our homeschool educators to honestly assign grades to ensure compliance.

I moved here after the season started. Can I still play?

Athletes can join a team mid season if the coach has room on the roster.  Feel free to contact the head coach.

Is there a cost to watch my athlete play at away games?

Yes, each school typically charges an admission fee.

Tell me about the EL7V.

To play with Brevard Heat, you must be a homeschooled student registered with your county school board.  The EL7V is used to confirm that.

If you are new to homeschooling, you must submit a letter of intent to the school board BEFORE or ALONG with your EL7V.

Yearly evaluations need to be current for them to sign off on the EL7V.

There are three options for submitting this form: mail it in yourself and hope it is returned to you in time, drop it off yourself at the Brevard county school board office, or bring it to our AD on registration night and he’ll get it to the school board.  If you miss registration night, it is your responsibility to get this form filled out by the school board. Once you receive it back from the school board, you can then upload it to as an official record.

What are the fee to participate?

Each price is set based on the cost of that paticular sport or activities. 

Here is a break down...

  • Cross Country - $150  

  • Volleyball - Girls 

  • Varsity $250  

  • JV $200

  • Freshman $200

  • Middle School - $150       

  • Golf - $200      

  • Swimming - $150

  • JV Basketball - Boys  $250         

  • MS Basketball - Boys  $200 

  • Baseball- Boys - $250

  • Track and Field -$150

  • Beach Volleyball - Girls $200

What does the family registration fee cover?

We are a 501c3 not for profit private “school.”  We do not receive funds from the county or state.  The family registration fee helps cover insurance and overhead costs.  It also grants your family admission to all home games.

What happens when my athlete misses practice?

Each coach will have a policy regarding missed practices.

What is the difference between HEAT and other programs?

We are considered to be a school that provides athletics for homeschoolers registered with the county. As a school, we are required to follow the rules set before us by FHSAA and SSAC. 

Who do we compete against?

We play both public and private schools in Brevard County, Indian River County, and into central Florida.

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